Full Automatic AC Recovery Recycle And Recharge Machine , AC Refrigerant Recovery Machine 

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangzhou,China
Brand Name: HONOW
Certification: CE,FCC
Model Number: HO-L800
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: Carton packaging
Delivery Time: 10-15 days upon receive your payment
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union,Paypal
Supply Ability: 200pcs per month
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Operation Mode: Fully Auto Cylinder Capacity: 13.6kg
Recovery Rate: 97%,stop At 0 Bar Compressor: SC15G , SECOP Brand
Condenser And Cooling Fan: With Database Search: With
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A/C Service Station Full Automatic AC Recharge Machine Car AC Recovery Machine


Product Instruction


Refrigerant recovery , recharge , vacuum and leak hunting .

Automatic operation , after parameter setting and pipeline connection , the whole process is automatically completed , without the operator valve or other manual parts .

The machine contains a database of the latest car models , covering the amount of refrigerated oil and refrigerant added to most of the models in the domestic and foreign markets .

Standard setting of high and low pressure parameters to improve working efficiency and reduce operation errors .

High Precision weighing Sensor and High Voltage Protection function .




a . Auto Oil Discharge : Oil is automatically discharged during the recovery process . If oil is present , it will drain into a graduated container clearly displaying the amount of oil that was removed .

b . Recovery : High quality compressor and filter recovers the refrigerant from the vehicle's air conditioning system .

c . High precision electronic scale weighs the refrigerant filling and reclaiming .

d . Simple pipeline connection . Operation starts once the hose of the machine is connected to the interface of the air conditioner yet to be tested .

e . It adopts unique automatic protection design to prevent liquid attack and ultra-high pressure explosion.

f .  Large-screen menu in both of the Chinese and English language , and intelligent operator interface.

g . Specific interface for small container of coolant supply.


Technicial Data


Application refrigerant R134a
Wheel 4
Vacuum Pump 2L double stage
Max work pressure 17.5bar
Rated frequency 50-60HZ
G.weight 130kg


Routine Maintenance


Add Refrigerant into Refrigerant Cylinder


It must add refrigerant into the refrigerant cylinder as follows when the refrigerant quantity inside the refrigerant cylinder is not enough.

a) Regard the external refrigerant source cylinder as a part of the system and connect it with the high pressure connector ( or low pressure connector ) of the equipment.

b) Evacuate the water and air from the high pressure hose(or low pressure hose)to be connected with the equipment.

c) Open the valve on the external refrigerant source cylinder and add refrigerant into the refrigerant cylinder in accordance with the recovery procedure . After the desired quantity is recovered , close the valve on the external refrigerant source cylinder and continue the recovery process till it stops automatically.

d)Close the high pressure valve ( or the low pressure valve ) on the equipment and the procedure to add refrigerant into the refrigerant cylinder is completed.


2.Maintenance of Vacuum Pump


To ensure a normal running of the vacuum pump , pay attention on the oil type of the vacuum pump . The #1 vacuum pump lubricant oil is used on this machine.

a . Check oil level


After vacuum pump running for 1 minute , stop the pump and check the oil level.


b . Add oil


When the oil level falls down below the lower limit of the oil level sight glass , it must add oil in accordance with following procedures:cut off the electric power of the equipment , open the oil fill cap , slowly add vacuum pump oil till the upper limit of oil level of the sight glass . Replace the oil fill cap to complete the procedure.


c . Replacement of oil


The oil inside the vacuum pump need be replaced after every 15 hours running and about 300ml vacuum oil are in the pump . Prepare a proper waste oil container before the replacement and undertake the oil replacement procedures as follows : Cut off the electric power of the equipment , open the oil fill cap , open the bottom oil drain plug to drain off the waste oil throughly . The replace the oil drain plug and add the new oil in accordance with adding oil procedures to complete the oil replacement procedures.


d . Replacement of Dry Filter


The dry filter should be replaced after an accumulated 60-80kgs refrigerant

is recovered . the model and specification of the dry filter should be in conformity

with the recommendation of the supplier . The replacement procedure of the dry

filter is as follows : Cut off the electric power of the equipment and wear gloves , protective apparel and goggles . Take out the front cover and close the valve of the refrigerant cylinder . Use two open-ended spanners to loose the inlet and outlet nuts of the dry filter carefully.Exhaust any remaining air and then loosen the locking ring of the dry filter and take out the fixing nut from the bottom of the dry filter . Replace a new dry filter ( Attention ! Correct direction of the inlet and outlet ! ) and lock it tightly . Use two open-ended spanners to tighten the inlet and outlet nuts of the dry filter carefully . ( Attention ! Avoid any leakage on the connection ! ) Open the valve on the refrigerant cylinder and replace the front cover . Run the recovery procedure and the recovered quantity should not be less than 500ml so that the hose is full of refrigerant . Turn off the equipment electric power and the procedure to replace the dry filter is completed .


e . Add new oil in the oil fill bottle .


To ensure sufficient oil could be filled continuously in operating , it should add new oil in the oil fill bottle when the oil level is lower than 100ml . The type of the oil must be as same as the oil in the system .

Add new oil with following procedures : Make confirmation that the top ball valve of the oil fill bottle is closed . Disconnect the quick connection adapter on the top of the oil fill bottle and open the cap of the oil fill bottle . Add new oil in desired quantity and then replace the bottle cap and insert it between the quick connection adapters to complete the procedures .


f . Remove Waste Oil


When : After recovery Procedures is complete done ( the HP and LP gauge shoule be 0 pressure ) , then remove the waste oil.

How : Slowly open the ball valve on the "waste oil" tank . The waste oil will be drain out from the machine .

After the desired quantity is achieved , close the ball valve to complete the new oil fill process .


g . Empty Waste Oil Bottle


It should empty the waste oil bottle with following procedures :  if the waste oil quantity is more than 250ml : take out the waste oil bottle and open the cover to empty it . Then replace the cover and insert the waste oil bottle onto the support to complete the procedure.








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