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Production Line

  Our factory specializes in producting and manufacturing machines , perfect supporting service , it not only can reduce production cost , delivery time , and save procurement costs for customer , but also control every step of production and make sure of efficient and stable in production . Please contact us by email directly , or we maybe can't receive your inquiry.  so please contact us by wechat or what'sapp +8615323363635.  Thank you.


Each operator of the production line has the following responsibilities:

1 , Report to the production supervisor on duty , follow the management , obey the command , abide by the dress code and code of conduct , carry out the production according to the production plan , ensure the quality and quantity to complete the task .

2 , Finish production preparation seriously , treat and test every part seriously , make sure that every spare parts work properly , and feedback and record the abnormal situation of equipment and production in time . After the machine is done , the technical supervisor will test each machine for 2-3 days in the hope of presenting the best products to the customer .

3 , Cooperate with maintenance staff to deal with equipment malfunction , receive equipment operation and maintenance training , assist maintenance staff to carry out daily equipment maintenance operation according to maintenance plan ; ensure that every staff will operate and repair equipment .

4 , Maintain and keep the production area clean and tidy .







  • Full auto tire inflator

OEM ,that is original Equipment/Entrusted Manufacture .

Measuring three aspects of OEM factory  :

1 , Examining the capital of a production factory


We are a few customers 's OEM supplier , they are from Russia , Taiwan , Thailian and so on . They are all large local companies , and we are not do business for one time . We make OEM machines for them about Fuel injector tester cleaner machine , air conditioner refrigerant recovery machine , nitrogen generator .


2 , Production environment and capacity of OEM factory


Our  production environment conforms to the environmental protection standard , will not cause the environment pollution and the harm to the health . At the same time, to achieve 100% utilization of raw materials and energy , and reduce the waste of resources .

Hygiene and cleaning , clean up every afternoon and do big cleaning  every Saturday afternoon.


3 , Metewand


Delivery time , just-in-time procurement is an important way and link to shorten the whole response period of supply chain and to realize agile operation of supply chain . In the total delivery time of order-driven production , the production time is 20% , the logistics transportation time is 24% , and the purchasing waiting time is 54% .

From the process of receiving customer orders , purchasing raw materials, arranging production and quality inspection to the arrival of the goods in the hands of the customer , so it needs salesman  control and adjust the production plan and production capacity , and then give the customer an accurate and effective delivery time . To ensure the quality of goods in accordance with , quality standards , etc.


ODM , that is Original design manufacture .


HONOW company takes professor , doctor , senior engineer as the technical subject , has the perfect management system and a group of professional talents in the field of automobile , electronics and computer with rich practical experience , the technical force is abundant .

We have designed different products for our clients . We have designed and modified the appearance of our original machines to meet the customer's standards . The customers are very satisfied .



A series of scientific research and technical work to develop new technologies, new products and improve old products , Abbreviated Rd . Research and Development (R&D) also known in Europe as research and technical (ortechnological) development (RTD) , is a general term for activities in connection with corporate or governmental innovation.

The activities that are classified as R&D differ from company to company, but there are two primary models , with an R&D department being either staffed by engineers and tasked with directly developing new products , or staffed with industrial scientists and tasked with applied research in scientific or technological fields which may facilitate future product development .

After the product is put into the market , the evaluation of user reaction , sales trend and quality of service is called post evaluation . Through the above evaluation activities , the actual occurrence value and the original index are compared , the deviation is found in time , the remedial measures are taken , and the basis for the development of the research and development strategy in the future .